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Real Talk

Let’s get real for a moment....

Do you love how you spend your days most of the time ( all the time is unrealistic )? If you do, you are a lucky one and you are where you are supposed to be! If not, you are where you are supposed to be also...admitting it! 

  • You know I quit my teaching career and started over as a small business over because I wanted more FREEDOM ! I’m not built to be micromanaged. I’m built to be creative and I’m built for a more open schedule in my life. Money wasn’t the problem, the problem was that I was unhappy coming home from work and going to work everyday. I wanted more control so I said F it! You may not want a business but this applies to any change you want to make!

I told myself these things for to long....

I have to keep going because

  • That’s what I chose to go to college for
  • I’m a damn good at my job
  • What else am I going to do
  • It is what it is
  • Life isn’t supposed to be easy
  • I may fail at something else
  • I’ll lose my medical benefits
  • I don’t want to give up my dream home/car
  • Money money money and pride
  • Work is just work I’m not supposed to love it
  • I’m not a quitter, im a fighter
  • My profession needs me
  • Maybe it will get better
  • I’ll just force myself to accept things they way they are
  • People will think I’m insane for quitting my career
  • I’ll just wait for vacation to smile 
  • This is what it’s supposed to be like when you are a young mom
  • I’m not supposed to be happy as long as my kid is
  • Other are happy and and they are more important than me
  • My mission is bigger than my own happiness
  • All I know is this...
  • I’m to old to start over or to young to start over
  • I can’t be selfish or put myself first
  • If I don’t give back to my community I won’t have a purpose
  • I can be happy and find myself later


YOU get to choose how your days look! I’m not saying leave your job, but I am saying if you are and your family aren’t happy then you need to make a PLAN to get out. We have one life and if you keep putting it off you will put it off forever. YOU deserve to love what you do and YOU deserve the freedoms you want in your day! I work more now than I ever did but I fricken love it so it doesn’t feel like work. Fear will always be here so use it to motivate you not paralye you! It’s never to late to reinvent your self!

I lost my medical benefits, but figured it out! I worked full time and started my biz at the same time so when I was ready to quit I had a PLAN. I felt so guilt leaving teaching, but that guilt changed into excitement and pride for me new adventure. 

I challenge you to start now with your plan! Message me and let’s chat about your plan! #thefutureisfemale #styleYOURstory #onlyonelife

 Peace Love and Fashion,



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  • Jean Bushley on

    I wish you the best of luck with your business!

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